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Artists Katherine Dreier

Katherine Dreier

American Artist, Collector, and Writer

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Movements and Styles: Post-Impressionism, Abstract Art

Born: September 10, 1877 - Brooklyn, New York

Died: March 29, 1952 - Milford, Connecticut

"[America] has developed along the material rather than the immaterial, the concrete rather than the divine."

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The American artist and collector Katherine Dreier championed modern, avant-garde art in the United States starting in the 1920s when such art was regularly decried as abject, inscrutable, a hoax. While academically trained as a painter, Dreier was one of the first Americans to embrace the modern art that was being made in Europe by the likes of the Post-Impressionists, German Expressionists, and Constructivists. Deeply influenced by the spiritual and theosophical writings of Wassily Kandinsky, Dreier proselytized the spiritual rejuvenation offered by these approaches to art. Along with the Dadaists Marcel Duchamp and Man Ray, Dreier co-founded the Société Anonyme, a radical group of artists that sought to disseminate a diverse art to the masses through exhibitions and lectures. Through her own paintings as well as her collecting habits, Dreier was an important force in popularizing modernism in the United States.

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