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Artists Lygia Clark

Lygia Clark

Brazilian Painter, Sculptor, Installation and Participatory Artist

Lygia Clark Photo
Movement: Neoconcretism

Born: October 23, 1920 - Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Died: April 25, 1988 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"The object would have no meaning or structure outside the participants manipulation."


Aspiring to break down the barriers between art and everyday life, Lygia Clark radically reimagined what art could be. By facilitating an engaged and embodied relationship between the art object and its audience, Clark's work anticipated the development of participatory art, and has influenced generations of artists pushing the boundaries of sculpture, performance, and art-as-pedagogy. Clark's early abstract canvases were supplanted by constructions that attempted to rupture the pictorial frame, challenging the separation between the artwork and its surrounding environment, and announcing a shift from the two- to three-dimensional plane. These were followed by increasingly organic or corporeal sculptural forms designed to be physically activated by viewer participation, and interactive 'relational objects' which were later incorporated into the therapeutic practice that Clark established in the final phase of her working life.

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