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Artists Victor Brauner

Victor Brauner

French-Romanian Painter, Sculptor, and Illustrator

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Movements and Styles: Dada, Surrealism

Born: June 15, 1903 - Piatra Neamt, Romania

Died: March 12, 1966 - Paris, France

"You will like my painting because it's unknown world is peopled with somnambulists, incubi, succubi, lycanthropes, ephialtes, phantoms, specters, sorcerers, seers, mediums and a whole fantastic population"

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A leading member of the Romanian avant-garde, Brauner is best known for his explorations of spiritualism, myth, and prediction in which he combined elements of folk or primitive art with the unusual juxtaposition of objects and forms. Although he initially experimented with a range of approaches including Dada and Expressionism, Brauner is most prominently associated with the Surrealists and he was an active member of the group between 1925 and 1948, working closely with André Breton himself amongst others. During his career, Brauner incorporated many and diverse influences into his work to develop a unique personal style which incorporated the use of flattened perspectives, vivid colors, and a complex iconography.

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