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Artists Masaccio


Florentine Painter

Masaccio Photo
Movement: Early Renaissance

Born: December 21st, 1401 - Castel San Giovanni di Altura, Italy

Died: 1428 - Rome, Italy


Masaccio is often credited as the first truly Renaissance artist. A tragically early end to his life cut short his progress, yet his outstanding work altered the course of Western art. The Early Renaissance was a time of cultural flourishing in Florence, and Masaccio was able to take advantage of the significant patronage of the arts among the nobility, who were keen to show off their wealth and prestige in the form of alter-pieces and friezes decorating private chapels. Little is known about his life; what we do know is that his work was unlike that of any other artist working in Florence at the time, following a rational approach that would come to characterize the broader Renaissance.

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