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Artists M.C. Escher

M.C. Escher

Dutch Printmaker, Draftsman, and Illustrator

M.C. Escher Photo
Movements and Styles: Op Art, Surrealism, Expressionism

Born: June 17, 1898 - Leeuwarden, Netherlands

Died: March 27, 1972 - Laren, North Holland, Netherlands

"I am always wandering around in enigmas."

M.C. Escher Signature


Escher broke down the boundaries between art and science by combining complicated mathematics with precise draftsmanship and an eye for the unusual. His work is a combination of intricate realism and fantasy. He is most famous for his 'impossible constructions', images which utilize mathematical shapes, architecture, and perspective to create a visual enigma, but he also produced subtle and original work drawing inspiration from the Italian landscape. Most of Escher's art was produced as prints - lithographs or woodcuts and its appearance and subject matter was quite unique at a time when abstract art was the norm.

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