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Albrecht Dürer

German Renaissance Draughtsman, Engraver, Woodcutter and Painter

Albrecht Dürer Photo

Born: March 21, 1471 - Part of the Holy Roman Empire (Modern Day Nuremberg, Germany)

Died: April 6, 1528 - Part of the Holy Roman Empire (Modern Day Nuremberg, Germany)

"If a man devotes himself to art, much evil is avoided that happens otherwise if one is idle."


It's fair to say that without Albrecht Dürer, printmaking as we know it within art history and contemporary art, would not exist. Despite living approximately 500 years ago, he remains one of the most famous and important printmakers in art history, in particular bringing woodcuts printed in large editions into the realm of fine art and the art history canon.

Even though Albrecht Dürer's fame was largely built on his prints and graphic style, his financial income was secured with commissions of paintings of religious subjects and portraits, and these works remain held in high esteem for their draughtsmanship and use of color. He was, and remains, the most famous artist of the Northern Renaissance who successfully integrated an elaborately-detailed Northern style with Italian Renaissance's ideals of balance, coherence, and monumentality.

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