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Artists Maurizio Cattelan

Maurizio Cattelan

Italian Sculptor and Conceptual Artist

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Movement: Conceptual Art

Born: September 21, 1960 - Padua, Italy

"Laughter is a Trojan horse to enter into direct contact with the unconscious, strike the imagination and trigger visceral reactions."

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In the grand kingdom of the art world, Maurizio Cattelan has established himself as its court jester. With a fool's irreverence and the freedom of a Conceptual artist unbound to singular voice or traditional medium, he seeks to jostle the status quo. Whether he guides us toward interrogating socially ingrained norms, or pinpoints our darker human struggles and uncomfortable emotions, he does it all with a misfit's mischievous sense of humor. Whether the joke is on us, or flipped back upon him, his work pokes fun at, and helps connect us to, our common human foibles.

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