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The Art Story Homepage Modern Movement and Styles - Full List

Modern Movements and Styles - Full List

This section provides information about important movements, styles, tendencies, groups, and schools of Modern and Contemporary Art.

Total: 135 Movements
Abstract Expressionism Art & Analysis Abstract Expressionism
Abstract Photography Art & Analysis Abstract Photography
Action Painting Art & Analysis Action Painting
The Aesthetic Movement Art & Analysis The Aesthetic Movement
American Impressionism Art & Analysis American Impressionism
American Regionalism Art & Analysis American Regionalism
Art Brut Art & Analysis Art Brut
Art Deco Art & Analysis Art Deco
Art Informel Art & Analysis Art Informel
Art Nouveau Art & Analysis Art Nouveau
Arte Povera Art & Analysis Arte Povera
Arts and Crafts Movement Art & Analysis Arts and Crafts Movement
The Ashcan School Art & Analysis The Ashcan School
The Barbizon School Art & Analysis The Barbizon School
The Baroque Art & Analysis The Baroque
Bauhaus Art & Analysis Bauhaus
Bay Area Painters Art & Analysis Bay Area Painters
Biomorphism Art & Analysis Biomorphism
Black Mountain College Art & Analysis Black Mountain College
The Bloomsbury Group Artists Art & Analysis The Bloomsbury Group Artists

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