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The Art Story Homepage Modern Movement and Styles - Full List Movements and Styles in Roots of Contemporary Art

Movements and Styles in Roots of Contemporary Art

This section provides information about important movements, styles, tendencies, groups, and schools of Modern and Contemporary Art.

Roots of Contemporary Art: 18 of 134 Total Movements
Art Brut Art & Analysis Art Brut
Contemporary Realism Art & Analysis Contemporary Realism
Digital Art Art & Analysis Digital Art
Environmental Art Art & Analysis Environmental Art
Identity Politics Art & Analysis Identity Politics
Installation Art Art & Analysis Installation Art
Institutional Critique Art & Analysis Institutional Critique
Light and Space Art & Analysis Light and Space
Neo-Expressionism Art & Analysis Neo-Expressionism
Neo-Geo Art & Analysis Neo-Geo
Nihonga - Classical Painting Art & Analysis Nihonga - Classical Painting
Queer Art Art & Analysis Queer Art
Street and Graffiti Art Art & Analysis Street and Graffiti Art
Superflat Art & Analysis Superflat
The Pictures Generation Art & Analysis The Pictures Generation
Video Art Art & Analysis Video Art
Washington Color School Art & Analysis Washington Color School
Young British Artists Art & Analysis Young British Artists

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