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The Art Story Homepage Modern Movement and Styles - Full List Movements and Styles in Interwar Modern Art

Movements and Styles in Interwar Modern Art

This section provides information about important movements, styles, tendencies, groups, and schools of Modern and Contemporary Art.

Interwar Modern Art: 19 of 134 Total Movements
Abstract Photography Art & Analysis Abstract Photography
American Regionalism Art & Analysis American Regionalism
Art Brut Art & Analysis Art Brut
Art Deco Art & Analysis Art Deco
Art Informel Art & Analysis Art Informel
Biomorphism Art & Analysis Biomorphism
Concrete Art Art & Analysis Concrete Art
Dada and Surrealist Photography Art & Analysis Dada and Surrealist Photography
Documentary Photography Art & Analysis Documentary Photography
Fashion Photography Art & Analysis Fashion Photography
Fourteenth Street School Art & Analysis Fourteenth Street School
Group f/64 Art & Analysis Group f/64
Harlem Renaissance Art & Analysis Harlem Renaissance
Interwar Classicism Art & Analysis Interwar Classicism
Photojournalism Art & Analysis Photojournalism
Street Photography Art & Analysis Street Photography
Surrealism Art & Analysis Surrealism
Surrealist Film Art & Analysis Surrealist Film
Surrealist Sculpture Art & Analysis Surrealist Sculpture

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