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The Art Story Homepage Modern Movement and Styles - Full List Include Photography Component Art Movements

Include Photography Component Art Movements

These are the important Include Photography Component art movements, styles, tendencies, groups, and schools that we currently cover. More are on the way!

Include Photography Component: 25 of 134 Total Movements
The Barbizon School Art & Analysis The Barbizon School
Bauhaus Art & Analysis Bauhaus
Black Mountain College Art & Analysis Black Mountain College
Body Art Art & Analysis Body Art
The CoBrA Group Art & Analysis The CoBrA Group
Conceptual Art Art & Analysis Conceptual Art
Dada Art & Analysis Dada
Earth Art Art & Analysis Earth Art
Environmental Art Art & Analysis Environmental Art
Feminist Art Art & Analysis Feminist Art
Fluxus Art & Analysis Fluxus
Happenings Art & Analysis Happenings
Harlem Renaissance Art & Analysis Harlem Renaissance
New Objectivity Art & Analysis New Objectivity
Nouveau Réalisme Art & Analysis Nouveau Réalisme
Orientalism Art & Analysis Orientalism
Queer Art Art & Analysis Queer Art
Performance Art Art & Analysis Performance Art
Photorealism Art & Analysis Photorealism
The Pre-Raphaelites Art & Analysis The Pre-Raphaelites

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