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The Sidney Janis Gallery


The Sidney Janis Gallery first opened its doors in 1948 and over the ensuing decades became a beacon for some of New York City's most avant-garde artists. Art collector, dealer and businessman Sidney Janis, along with his wife Harriet, swiftly established the gallery's reputation by curating exhibitions of Léger, Mondrian, the de Stijl artists, the Futurists and the Fauves. Beginning in 1952, Janis gave Jackson Pollock the first of three solo shows, further establishing the cultural dominance of Abstract Expressionism. Ten years later, the gallery put on its most famous exhibition, The New Realists. Throughout the gallery's existence, it ably and consistently measured the pulse of the New York art world in showcasing some of the finest and riskiest avant-garde art of the 20th century.


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