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Artists Christopher Wood

Christopher Wood

English Painter

Christopher Wood Photo
Movements and Styles: Primitivism in Art, Post-Impressionism

Born: April 7, 1901 - Knowsley, Liverpool, England

Died: August 21, 1930 - Salisbury, Wiltshire, England

"Dearest mother, you ask me what I am going to do: I have decided to try and be the greatest painter that has ever lived"


The tragically short but majestic career of Christopher Wood produced an exquisite selection of lyrical, enigmatic, and luminous canvases. Tellingly, as a young man traveling through Europe in the early 1920s, Wood read and marveled over the collected letters of Vincent Van Gogh. Like Van Gogh, Wood experienced a level of over sensitivity and emotional inner turmoil that ultimately led to suicide. Before his sad death, Wood was a charming and flamboyant personality. He was one of few Englishmen who gained access to fashionable Parisian art circles; he met Pablo Picasso and Sergei Diaghilev, and became great friends with Jean Cocteau. Despite these lofty connections it was not until Wood returned to England, met the hard-working Ben and Winifred Nicholson, encountered the naïve pictures of Alfred Wallis, and lived by the unpredictable sea, that he felt home and developed his own distinct and powerful style of painting.

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