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Artists Diego Velazquez

Diego Velazquez

Spanish Painter

Diego Velazquez Photo
Movement: The Baroque

Born: June 6, 1599 - Seville, Spain

Died: August 6, 1660 - Madrid, Spain

"I would rather be an ordinary painter working from life than be the greatest copyist on earth."

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Although Diego Velazquez's primary position was one of prestigious court painter for Spain's King Philip IV during the Baroque period, he is most celebrated for breaking portraiture and scene painting out of its staid confines. His individualistic style of naturalism, a precursor to realism, favored authenticity over the romantic and differentiated him from others of his time who stayed bound to the traditional and historical ways of depicting their subjects. Vastly personable, and as equally interested in the common man as the lauded man, he managed to create a fiercely individualistic and impressive body of work that belied his underlying passion for the human being and human experience. He remains one of the most important artists of the Spanish Golden Age.

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