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Richard Tuttle

American Sculptor, Painter, Print-maker, and Installation Artist

Richard Tuttle Photo
Movements and Styles: Post-Minimalism, Conceptual Art

Born: July 12, 1941 - Rahway, New Jersey

"Everything in life is a drawing, if you want. Drawing is quite essential to knowing the self. Art that survives from one generation to the next is the art that actually carries something that tells society about self."


One of the most lyrical and spiritually-minded of contemporary artists, Richard Tuttle has produced a body of work that is as difficult to categorize as it is intuitively pleasurable to engage with. Coming of age in the era of Conceptual and Minimalist art in North America, he took and contributed much to both movements, but incorporated a range of artisanal techniques into his practice - including printmaking and weaving - alien to the austere credos of his peers. The result is an art which is both esoteric and immediate in its appeal, both visually pleasurable and conceptually sophisticated, alluding to the everyday world of the materials used to compose it while simultaneously gesturing towards an ineffable or dreamlike plane of being only accessible through creative experience.

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