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Artists Miriam Schapiro

Miriam Schapiro

American Painter, Sculptor, and Printmaker

Miriam Schapiro Photo
Movements and Styles: Abstract Expressionism, Feminist Art, Collage

Born: November 15, 1923 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Died: June 20, 2015 - Hampton Bays, New York

"I wanted to validate the traditional activities of women, to connect myself with the unknown women artists who made quilts, who had done the invisible 'woman's work' of civilization. I wanted to acknowledge them, to honor them."


Coming of age during the "macho" styles of Abstract Expressionism and Minimalism, Schapiro expanded her materials to include marginalized types of domestic craft and incorporate feminist imagery. In addition to creating a path forward for herself and her colleagues, she worked to resurrect the reputations of women artists who had been forgotten or dismissed by art historians. As an activist for equal recognition and respect for herself and her contemporaries, she collaborated with Judy Chicago on the Feminist Art Project and Womanhouse. Her use of autobiographical details, especially her personal/professional conflicts, influenced feminist artists of the late-20th century to be similarly frank, including Hannah Wilke and Mary Kelly.

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