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Artists Charlotte Salomon

Charlotte Salomon

German Painter

Charlotte Salomon Photo

Born: April 16, 1917 - Berlin, Germany

Died: October 10, 1943 - Auschwitz, Poland

I will live for them all (after she decides to paint and survive)


Perhaps one of the most underestimated artists in recent history, Charlotte Salomon secretly created a daunting visual opus while in exile during World War II. As a young German Jewish woman who witnessed the rise of the Nazis, Salomon used her artistic talent and vivid imagination to craft an expressive collection of imagery and text from an intensely personal story. Her work not only reveals an adept grasp of modernist aims and techniques, but also exposes the psychological workings of an artist desperately trying to maintain her individual identity at a time when her very existence was threatened by both internal and external forces.

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