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Artists Edith Rimmington

Edith Rimmington

British Painter, Photographer, Poet

Edith Rimmington Photo
Movement: Surrealism

Born: 1902 - Leicester, England

Died: 1986 - Bexhill, Sussex in England

"As fantasy in the claws of the poet is released by the broken arm it becomes imprisoned in the ossiferous callous wherein lice build themselves a tomb in which to escape the magic of the marvellous."


Edith Rimmington had a curious mind and a boundless imagination and as such became a highly respected and central member of the British Surrealist Group. Although less well known than its Parisian equivalent, Surrealists based in London and Birmingham aspired to the same principles, tirelessly investigating dreams and the subconscious. Indeed, from the beginning to the end of her career, Rimmington was profoundly influenced by Salvador Dalí. Having first encountered Dalí in 1936 at the International Exhibition of Surrealism, the image of the diving suit that the Spanish artist had worn to the opening then appeared repeatedly in Rimmington's paintings. Furthermore, Rimmington was attracted to images of the repugnant, as was Dalí, with the themes of death, decay, and re-birth being longstanding concerns for both. Later in life she painted less but continued to write poetry, practice automatic writing, and to take photographs of her natural surroundings. Alongside other artist contemporaries, she settled on the coast of Sussex, making a literal statement about living life on the edge.

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