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Artists Rembrandt van Rijn

Rembrandt van Rijn

Dutch Painter, Draftsman, Printmaker

Rembrandt van Rijn Photo
Movements and Styles: The Baroque, Dutch Golden Age

Born: July 15, 1607 - Leiden, the Dutch Republic

Died: October 4, 1669 - Amsterdam

"Try to put well into practice what you already know. In so doing, you will, in good time, discover the hidden things you now inquire about."

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An intense psychological study of people, objects, and their surroundings coupled with an earnest Christian devotion fueled Rembrandt's life and work. Incredibly gifted as an artist from a very young age, he became a master of portraits of all types, historical, biblical, and mythological scenes, as well as simple, charming but dramatic landscapes. He used many types of materials and techniques with unusual sensitivity and spontaneity to develop his message. His approaches to composition, color usage, and shadow were everchanging to produce the most powerfully moving but most natural moments of human existence. His supreme mastery of light and texture to emphasize emotional depth weaved a common theme through all of his creations, cementing his status as one of art's greatest, innovative masters. These qualities are evident from his large, ambitious early history paintings to his more intimate and glowing later style. The iconic genius is generally regarded as the most important artist in Dutch art history as his work epitomized the great period of wealth and cultural achievement known as the Dutch Golden Age.

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