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Artists Jules Olitski

Jules Olitski

Russian-American Painter

Jules Olitski Photo

Born: March 27, 1922 - Snovsk, Ukraine

Died: February 4, 2007 - New York, New York

"Color in color is felt at any and every place of the pictorial organization; in its immediacy - its particularity. Color must be felt throughout."

Jules Olitski Signature


Jules Olitski was a Russian-born American painter who was instrumental in the development of the Color Field school. Like his contemporaries Helen Frankenthaler and Morris Louis, Olitski stained the surface of his canvases in a technique that rejected the gestural brushwork of the then-popular Abstract Expressionist artists. With their emphasis on material, surface, and color's emotional strength, his signature works eliminated the illusion of depth and any evidence of the artist's touch. Although Olitski did not remain as well known as some of his fellow Color Field painters, his abstract "spray paintings" of the 1960s are still considered landmark works of this movement.

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