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Artists Isamu Noguchi

Isamu Noguchi

American Sculptor and Designer

Isamu Noguchi Photo
Movements and Styles: Surrealism, Social Realism

Born: November 17, 1904 - Los Angeles, California

Died: December 30, 1988 - New York, New York

"Sculpture can be a vital force in our everyday life if projected into communal usefulness."

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Isamu Noguchi, a major American and Japanese sculptor and designer, spent over six decades creating abstract works - largely in stone - based on both organic and geometric forms. Greatly inspired by traditional Japanese art, as well as by the biomorphic style of some Surrealist art, Noguchi became internationally known both for his artwork and his publicly accessible furniture and architecture. His ultimate objective, to create and enhance public spaces through sculpture, provided his career with a distinct direction and established him as a critical figure in the worlds of post-war art, architecture and design.

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