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Artists Louise Nevelson

Louise Nevelson

American Sculptor

Louise Nevelson Photo
Movement: Feminist Art

Born: September 23, 1899 - Kiev, Russian Empire

Died: April 17, 1988 - New York, New York

"Some of us come on earth seeing - some of us come on earth seeing color."

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Louise Nevelson emerged in the art world amidst the dominance of the Abstract Expressionist movement. In her most iconic works, she utilized wooden objects that she gathered from urban debris piles to create her monumental installations - a process clearly influenced by the precedent of Marcel Duchamp's found object sculptures and "readymades." Nevelson carefully arranged the objects in order to historicize the debris within the new, narrative context of her wall sculptures. The stories embodied within her works resulted from her cumulative experiences - as a Jewish child relocated to America from Russia, as an artist training in New York City and Germany, and as a hard-working, successful woman. Her innovative sculptural environments and success within the male-dominated realm of the New York gallery system inspired many younger artists, primarily those involved in installation art and the Feminist art movements.

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