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Artists Giorgio Morandi

Giorgio Morandi

Italian Painter and Printmaker

Giorgio Morandi Photo
Movements and Styles: Cubism, Futurism, Metaphysical Art, Realism

Born: July 20, 1890 - Bologna, Italy

Died: June 18, 1964 - Bologna, Italy

"One can travel this world and see nothing. To achieve understanding it is necessary not to see many things, but to look hard at what you do see."

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Holed up in a small room in the center of Italy, far from the avant-garde of his day, Giorgio Morandi painstakingly worked to unlock the puzzles of art, the questions of modern painting, looking for the structure and order that underlies the process of representation itself. With a sparse selection of household objects and familiar landscapes, painted in muted tones and warm light, Giorgio Morandi bridged the grand legacy of Italian art and 20th-century modernism. With carefully crafted tonal relationships and a sense of palpable light and space, his paintings extended a tradition of representational painting while creating a minimalist aesthetic that remained relevant in the face of abstraction. Ultimately, Morandi's poetic style did not escape the attention of his contemporaries and established a legacy for generations of representational painters.

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