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Artists Agnes Martin

Agnes Martin

American Painter

Agnes Martin Photo
Movements and Styles: Color Field Painting, Minimalism

Born: March 22, 1912 - Macklin, Saskatchewan, Canada

Died: December 16, 2004 - Taos, New Mexico

"When I think of art I think of beauty. Beauty is the mystery of life. It is not in the eye it is in the mind. In our minds there is awareness of perfection."

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Agnes Martin's sparse, luminous canvases are not easily categorized as they are at the crossroads of several disparate 20th-century styles. An intensely private person, Martin was diagnosed with schizophrenia in her 40s; she led an austere and solitary existence in a remote area of New Mexico for most of her working life. Like many artists in the 1950s and 1960s, she was influenced by Zen Buddhism and Taoism that contributed to her interest in nature. Despite the abstraction of her paintings, it was the innocence and simplicity of everyday life - especially the natural world - that she attempted to capture in her work.

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