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Artists Claude Lorrain

Claude Lorrain

French Painter

Claude Lorrain Photo
Movement: The Baroque

Born: 1604-05 - Chamagne, Duchy of Lorraine, Vosges (now France)

Died: November 21 or 23, 1682 - Rome, Papal States


Claude Lorrain made paintings in which the sun, earth, and water seem to reverberate with emotion. His name is inseparable from seventeenth-century landscape painting, his works characterized by a Baroque classicism which is especially evident in his depiction of antique architecture, and his emphasis on dramatic contrasts of light and shade. More often than not, Claude's works were paeans to the beauty of nature rather than portrayals of grand human virtues - as was more common for painters of his style and generation - but they were nonetheless generally representations of historical or mythical scenes. At a time when landscape painting was still far from being considered a significant genre, he thus laid the foundations for the historical landscape tradition that would come to dominate French and English painting for at least 150 years.

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