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Artists Caspar David Friedrich

Caspar David Friedrich

German Painter

Caspar David Friedrich Photo
Movements and Styles: Romanticism, The Sublime in Art

Born: September 5, 1774 - Greifswald, Swedish Pomerania (present day Germany)

Died: May 7, 1840 - Dresden, Germany

"All authentic art is conceived at a sacred moment and nourished in a blessed hour; an inner impulse creates it, often without the artist being aware of it."

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Seeking to capture an experience of the infinite, Caspar David Friedrich composed works that directly confronted the viewer with the awesome. Friedrich took the genre of landscape painting, traditionally considered unimportant, and infused it with deep religious and spiritual significance. Believing that the majesty of the natural world could only reflect the magnificence of God, he featured sunlight vistas and foggy expanses to convey the beautiful power of the divine.

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