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Artists Fra Angelico

Fra Angelico

Italian Painter and Manuscript Illuminator

Fra Angelico Photo
Movement: Early Renaissance

Born: c. 1395 - Vicchio di Mugello, Florence

Died: c. 1455 - Rome

"He who does Christ's work must stay with Christ always."


Known posthumously as the "Angelic Painter," Fra Angelico helped usher in a revolution in Italian painting. Steeped in a new humanism, Angelico and young painters such as Masaccio insisted on painting religious subjects in a rational, illusionistic space and with all of the solidity of the human body. A friar in the mendicant Dominican order, Angelico fused piety and artistic innovation to create some of the most deeply moving frescoes and altarpieces of the Early Renaissance period.

His transformation of late medieval painting influenced later Renaissance painters, and his religious devotion and feeling for humanity inspired artists centuries later who were searching for ways out of stale academicism.

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