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Artists Donatello


Italian Sculptor

Donatello Photo
Movement: Early Renaissance

Born: c. 1386 - Florence

Died: December 13, 1466 - Florence

"He may be said to have been the first to illustrate the art of sculpture among the moderns."


Donatello would become known as the most important sculptor to resuscitate classical sculpture from its tomb in antiquity, through an invigorated style that departed from the Gothic period's flat iconography. He broke ground by introducing new aesthetics in line with the time's flourishing move toward Humanism - a movement that emphasized a departure from medieval scholasticism and favored deep immersion into the humanities, resulting in art that no longer focused solely on the secular realm of religion but explored man's place in the natural world. Donatello's signature lifelike and highly emotional works would place him as one of the most influential artists in 15th century Italy, and an early forefather to the Italian Renaissance.

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