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Artists Frederic Edwin Church

Frederic Edwin Church

American Painter

Frederic Edwin Church Photo

Born: May 4, 1826 - Hartford, CT, USA

Died: April 7, 1900 - New York City, NY, USA

"Imagine this fairy-like Temple blazing like sunlight among those savage black rocks."


Frederic Edwin Church's landscape paintings offer us the pious and the exotic, the natural and the artificial, in equal measure. He was a vital figure in the movement in American painting known as the Hudson River School, and in the development of Western landscape painting more generally, and his work epitomizes all the contradictions of the culture that birthed it. A technically ingenious draftsman, interested in the accurate rendering of flora, fauna, and atmospheric effects, he was also aware of the value of illusion, often building up his landscapes from preparatory sketches made at several different sites. His subject-matter ranged from New York State to the Arctic and the Andes. To each location he brought the same heady combination of religious awe, scientific inquisitiveness, and a fascination with the exotic.

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