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Artists Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini

Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini

Italian Sculptor and Architect

Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini Photo
Movement: The Baroque

Born: December 7, 1598 - Naples

Died: November 28, 1680 - Rome

"The white marble has to assume the likeness of a person, it has to have color, spirit and life."


Passion, above all else, ruled Italian sculptor and architect Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini. His extreme religious piety combined with a lifelong study of the sculptural form led to the introduction of a dynamic and exuberant style, focused on emotional expressionism, which perfectly embodied the Baroque period. Like Michelangelo before him, he became a master of marble, while remaining equally fluent in other media. His manner and vision was so innovative, it pioneered a new era in European sculpture that has influenced the form to this day.

Bernini was also a leading figure in the emergence of Roman Baroque architecture along with his contemporaries, the architect Francesco Borromini and the painter and architect Pietro da Cortona. His designs helped restore Rome to its former architectural glory through an extensive urban planning project taken on under his patronage by the powerful Roman Popes of the time.

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