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Artists Eileen Agar

Eileen Agar

British Painter, Photographer, and Sculptor

Eileen Agar Photo
Movement: Surrealism

Born: December 1, 1899 - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Died: November 7, 1991 - London, United Kingdom

"The unconscious must reign through the intellect."


Eileen Agar has, like many women artists, sometimes been defined by the (male) company she kept rather than her own creative output, her biography peppered with references to the great and good of modern art and literature, from Pablo Picasso to Dylan Thomas. But she was, in fact, one of the most adventurous and influential artists of the Surrealist movement in Britain, working with a prolific energy which sustained her into her late eighties. Agar's practice was diverse, moving freely through painting, photography, collage and sculpture, but was bound together by an emphasis on the germinal power of imagination, and by a love of natural and organic forms. Her memoir, A Look at My Life (1988), published shortly before her death, provided vivid insights into the lost bohemian enclaves of pre-war Paris and London, and ensured that Agar's work continued to be discussed and displayed after her death.

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